Holiday Safety Tips

Happy Holidays from your friends at Mahoney Alarms! While you’re enjoying the joy and magic this holiday season brings, it’s important to keep your family safe and your home secure. Here are some great safety tips to keep in mind while you relax and be merry!

  1. There is a rise in car break-ins during the holiday season, so don’t store gifts in your vehicle, AND keep them out of sight while shopping.
  2. Leaving the boxes from your new, expensive merchandise at the curb makes your home a target for burglary. Make sure to take your trash out on “trash day” to minimize attention.
  3. Your home security cameras are the perfect way to confirm package deliveries and also deter thieves from picking up boxes from porches. Use our cameras to your advantage.
  4. Use your home security system’s Z-Wave feature to automate your Christmas lights, including your Christmas tree, for extra safety.
  5. Christmas trees can be a fire hazard. Stay safe by keeping your tree heavily watered and NEVER leave your tree on while you’re away or asleep. Your security system’s Z-Wave device is a safe and convenient way to make sure your tree’s lights are turned off every night. And if you forget to turn off the tree before you leave the house, simply use your Virtual Keypad App to turn them off!
  6. Oh what fun it is to set a “Holiday Schedule” on your Virtual Keypad app! Set one up for complete control over your Christmas lights, holiday decorations, interior/exterior lighting and thermostats! (Perfect for in town or on vacation!)
  7. Increase your home security by making it look like someone is home even while out of town. How? Automate your interior and exterior lights, including the festive ones!
  8. In a rush to leave town and forgot to adjust your thermostats? No worries, you can do so with the Virtual Keypad app. It’ll cut down stress and save you money!
  9. For a safe holiday, keep glass ornaments out of reach from small children and pets. Opt for plastic, shatter-proof ornaments when decorating your tree.
  10. Keep your family safe AND warm this holiday. Inspect and clean your chimney before using your fireplace every winter.